The automatic coating pan BOMBO, designed and manufactured by FECOATEC, is a completely automatic machine for syrup or chocolate coating of several food products.

The automatic coating installation is delivered as a complete turnkey and custom made project and includes besides the automatic coating pan, diverse components and accessories that are necessary for the automatic coating process.

It is remarkable the hygienic design, the reduced internal product height level that allows to coat delicate or filled products, the quickness in coating process and the ease of cleaning for changes in production.


From small to big productions, the available models are:

  • BOMBO 25. Capacity 25 liters. For laboratory and trials. Around 20 kg of finished product per batch
  • BOMBO 600. Capacity 600 liters, for small productions, around 500 kg of finished product per batch.
  • BOMBO 1050. Capacity 1.050 liters. For medium/big productions, around 875 kg of finished product per batch.
  • BOMBO 2250. Capacity 2.250 liters. For big productions, around 1.875 kg of finished product per batch.
  • BOMBO 3650. Capacity 3.650 liters. For big productions, around 3.000 kg of finished product.

The coating installation is supplied as a complete turnkey and custom made project including:

  • Automatic coating pans BOMBO.
  • Syrup cookers/dissolvers ( for sugar/sugarless) DISSOLPLUS.
  • DAHU (Dessicant Air Handling Units)
  • Dust collectors and air suction systems.
  • Syrup tanks.
  • Chocolate tanks.
  • Powder distribution systems.
  • Loading and unloading automatic systems.
  • CIP systems.
  • Aroma / Color / varnishing automatic dosing systems.

The coating processes that are produced in BOMBO are:

  • Sugar / sugarless coating.
  • Chocolate coating.
  • Fat and masses coating.
  • Soft coating.
  • High temperature coating.
  • The automatic coating installation, is a turnkey custom-made installation for each project.
  • BOMBO is a solid cylinder in stainless steel AISI304L.
  • Coating pan is supported over 4 free shaft wheels.
  • Driven by a teethed belt that embraces the external perimeter of the BOMBO.
  • Simple design, low maintenance and very reduced cleaning times.
  • Low height of product during coating, and very wide surface of product, for faster drying of product and gentle care during coating.
  • Uniform air distribution along the coating pan. Process air comes from Air Handling and Drying Unit DAHU.
  • The coating pan BOMBO, works during production in negative pressure, avoiding the dust to come outside.
  • Automatic sprayers for syrup/chocolate, FECOATEC design, to achieve a uniform dosing along the coating pan.
  • Powder, Aroma, color, and varnishing automatic dosing systems as optional.
  • The varnishing cycle is done automatically inside the coating pan at the end of the coating cycle.
  • Completely automatic cycle, no operator is needed during coating cycle.
  • Fast batch time. As an example, with a sugar shell of 30%, cycle time is 4 hours including final varnishing.

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  • SYRUP COOKER – DISSOLPLUS. Auxiliary system for syrup preparation ( sugar or sugarless solutions, xylitol,maltitol,sorbitol…) to be later used on the coating process in BOMBO.
  • AIR HANDLING AND DRYING UNIT – DAHU. Unit for the generation of process air necessary in coating process.  Usually a DAHU is supplied to deliver process air to one or more BOMBOS.
  • DUST COLLECTOR. Automatic filter for suction of exhaust air generated in coating process inside the BOMBO. With automatic cleaning of cartridges by means of compressed air and removable dust container.
  • SYRUP TANKS AND SYSTEMS. Syrup tanks of different capacities and complete systems including double jacket piping, syrup pump, flow meter, filters and rest of elements for a complete automatic working of the coating pan. Tanks are equipped with heating double jacket and thermal insulation.
  • AUTOMATIC POWDER DOSING SYSTEM. Automatic system, FECOATEC patented, for distribution of different powders and solids inside the coating pan BOMBO according to recipe. Typically sugar, icing sugar, starch, carnauba wax… Supported over load cells, allows a precise control of weight to be dosed. The system combines dosing with screw and pneumatic transport to inside the coating pan BOMBO.
  • ADDITIVES DOSING SYSTEM. Designed for each application, depending on type of product and quantity to dose.  Completely automatic according to recipe, introduce the additives inside the coating pan. Additives such us: Carnauba Wax, Capol, Aroma, Talc powder.
  • LOADING SYSTEM OF BOMBO. The loading of product to be coated, can be done in several ways: manual, with elevating conveyor belt, or with a complete automatic system of conveyors over load cells. This system allows quickly and automatically to load the set quantity of product inside the coating pan BOMBO.
  • UNLOADING SYSTEM OF BOMBO. The unloading of finished product from BOMBO, can be executed in different ways: over trolleys, with unloading belt, or with complete automatic system on conveying belts for a quick and fully automatic unloading of product to storage area or packaging.
  • CIP SYSTEMS. The automatic coating pans BOMBOS, can be equipped with integrated CIP system, that allows to clean the coating pan and the product tanks and piping. It is a very short process, automatic, so it allows to make changes in production very quickly.( E. g. Change in color of coating).
  • SCADA. The automatic coating installation can be integrated in a SCADA network, for control of traceability, data logging and register of production parameters during process


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