The syrup cooker DISSOLPLUS designed and manufactured by FECOATEC, is a completely automatic machine for sugar syrup preparation ( also other ingredients such us sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol…) in a fixed concentration.

The cooking process can be done at positive pressure or also it can be done a dissolving mixing at atmospheric pressure.

It is remarkable the hygienic design, surface finish, quality of manufacturing and the high efficiency in heat exchanging process, causing the DISSOLPLUS to have a very high performance and high output.


Production from 300 kg/h to 1.000 kg/h.

Is is the ideal solution for sugar syrup preparation ( or sugar substitutes) to a set Brix degree concentration. It also allows to add several ingredients (solid or liquid) and a uniform mixing and dissolution of all of them.

The syrup produced by DISSOLPLUS is normally used later in other production process, such as coating or candy production.

The process can be completely automatized, and all the adjustments of the DISSOLPLUS, are done through the touch screen HMI integrated in the machine.

  • Higyenic design, completely manufactured in stainless steel for maximum ease of cleaning.
  • All parts in contact with product are manufactured in stainless steel AISI316L.
  • Supported over frame manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Cooking process is done by heating by means of steam that recirculates through the double jacket of the tank. Steam is not in direct contact with the product.
  • With insulating jacket in welded stainless steel, with 40 mm insulating rockwool.
  • Steam instrumentation and steam control valve is supplied, for a precise control of product temperature.
  • Excellent heat transfer coefficient, what allows to perform the cooking process in reduced time, due to internal mixing system, that provoke a high turbulence of the product on the internal walls of the tank.
  • Mixer is supported on top part of the tank, and it is hanging with no lower support, for a hygienic design.
  • Automatic ingredients loading system ( water, solids, additives…)
  • Sugar ( or equivalent) loading can be performed in different ways: manual, with elevating screw, pneumatic transport…
  • Double jacketed pipes for product, with recirculation of heating media.
  • Syrup pump, with double jacket and hygienic design.
  • Inline filtration system is installed at the outlet of unloading of finished product pump. Cartridge filter, with double jacket for heating media recirculation, manufactured in stainless steel. FECOATEC design. Optionally including magnetic separator.
  • Electrical cabinet integrated, with PLC and Touch Screen HMI, for precise control of all parameters.

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  • LOAD CELLS. Cooking system DISSOLPLUS, can be supported on load cells for correct control of weight of the product and precise loading of ingredients.
  • BUFFER TANK. Cooking system DISSOLPLUS, is optionally equipped with a buffer tank for finished product. This makes the system more flexible and increases production. The buffer tank can be installed at same level as DISSOLPLUS, or under it for gravity unloading of finished product and save space in factory. Volume of the buffer tank is normally 2 / 3 batches of DISSOLPLUS. Buffer tank is manufactured in stainless steel, with heating jacket and insulation jacket. Equipped with a gentle mixer with marine-impeller type, and analogic control level. Working of the unit is completely automatic, and the unit is supplied in a common frame.
  • CIP SYSTEM. It is possible to install an independent CIP system ( including CIP tank, pump, piping and control) for generate the cleaning fluid of DISSOLPLUS. In DISSOLPLUS are installed CIP balls for correct internal cleaning of it. In case there is CIP line in factory it can be connected to main factory line.
  • MINOR INGREDIENTS ADDITION ( SOLIDS / LIQUIDS). In DISSOLPLUS is possible to add besides from 2 main ingredients (typically sugar and water), an automatic system for addition of minor ingredients ( liquid such us aroma or colorant). This system is usually composed of buffer tank, dosing piston pump and piping. Additionally, can be supplied a dosing system for minor solid ingredients.
  • SUGAR LOADING SCREW. The main ingredient (usually sugar) can be loaded into DISSOLPLUS, with help of a loading station and an elevating transport screw, that allows to perform the loading process on a comfortable and controlled way. It is possible to install a refractometer in line, for direct measuring of Brix degree of product prepared by DISSOLPLUS.

Products Made with DISSOLPLUS

Gummy bears

sugarless syrup

sugar syrup


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