Chocolate enrobER


The chocolate enrober ENROULTRA designed and manufactured by FECOATEC, is a completely automatic machine for enrobing with chocolate, compound, or fat masses.

The outstanding hygienic design and the ease of mounting/dismounting it, allows to do very quick washings and change of formats.

More about ENROULTRA

From small to large-scale productions, available in widths from 400 mm to 1500 mm.

It is the ideal solution for full, half or bottom coating of pralines, cereal bars, rice cakes, pastries, biscuits… with chocolate, compound, fats.

All necessary adjustments for proper enrobing are easily done through the touch screen HMI and from operator side.

Topping Sprinkling

full enrobing

Bottom Enrobing

Zig-zag decoration

  • Hygienic design, fully manufactured in stainless steel, to maximum ease of cleaning.
  • Design for very easy dismounting of parts in contact with product ( 10 minutes process).
  • Roof-less design, means access is extremely easy.
  • Control is made by PLC and HMI ( Touch Screen) for precise control of all parameters.
  • Recipes with different enrobing parameters can be programmed.
  • No restrictions on rate at which chocolate flow is used, due to external tempering.
  • All parts in contact with chocolate are heated up by means of integrated water heating system, at adjustable temperature.
  • Chocolate level of the enrober is set by operator an automatically controlled by means of PLC.
  • Speed of the line up to 12 m/min. Available special design for high speed.
  • Easy changeover of type of chocolate if required, due to ease of dismounting and cleaning.

What define ENROULTRA


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  • FILTRATION SYSTEM. It is possible to install chocolate Filtration Systems, statics or self-cleaning filters. Double jacketed.
  • MAGNETIC FILTER. Designed according to chocolate flow. With neodymium magnets, protected inside stainless steel pipes. Hygienic design, easily dismountable. Can be combined with static filter.
  • CHOCOLATE BUFFER TANK. FECOATEC design, to feed with chocolate the chocolate enrober ENROULTRA. Volumes from 50 to 10.000 liters.
  • MIXING CHOCOLATE TANK. To melt and mix chocolate ( typically fed as coins/drops), with different ingredients if required ( such us sugar, flour, butter…)
  • STRING DECORATION. Zigzag chocolate decoration system, with automatic cleaning of the nozzles. Can be integrated in the chocolate enrober ENROULTRA or located externally over cooling tunnel KALTENPLUS.
  • NUTS SPRINKLING DOSER. Automatic dosing system for nut pieces, puffed rice, corn flakes… and for practically all granular materials. Located at outlet of the chocolate enrober.
  • BYPASS BELT. To replace the wire belt of the enrober when not enrobing and using the chocolate enrober as conveyor. No need of moving the chocolate enrober.

Products made with ENROULTRA

Rice cakes



Cereal bars

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