The TEMPERULTRA chocolate tempering machine, designed and manufactured by FECOATEC, is a fully automatic machine for the correct tempering of chocolate, or heat treatment of compounds or food fats.

It is vertical type, with plates for heat exchange.

The high efficiency of the machine in heat exchanging is noteworthy, due to an innovative design of the stirrers and the precise thermal control over the chocolate.

Easily accessible from all sides of it for maintenance and cleaning.

All the parameters of the machine are adjustable from the touch screen HMI integrated in it.


It is the ideal solution for the correct tempering of all types of chocolates, such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.

It is also valid for the tempering of fats or compounds, typically when it is required to cool them down from the point of origin to the point of destination.

From small productions to large productions, the available models are:

  • TEMPERULTRA 100: Tempering of 100 kg /h of chocolate.
  • TEMPERULTRA 200: Tempering of 200 kg /h of chocolate.
  • TEMPERULTRA 300: Tempering of 300 kg /h of chocolate
  • TEMPERULTRA 500: Tempering of 500 kg / h of chocolate
  • TEMPERULTRA 750: Tempering of 750 kg / h of chocolate
  • TEMPERULTRA 1000: Tempering of 1.000 kg / h of chocolate
  • TEMPERULTRA 1250: Tempering of 1.250 kg / h of chocolate
  • TEMPERULTRA 1500: Tempering of 1.500 kg / h of chocolate
  • Hygienic design, all parts of the machine are easily accessible as they are covered by removable closing panels.
  • Frame, closing panels and electrical panel made of stainless steel.
  • Very robust construction. Exceptionally low maintenance.
  • Excellent manufacturing tolerances, which allows high efficiency in the heat exchange coefficient as there is a very narrow tolerance between the stirrers and the fixed plates.
  • Internal product agitators, with a new FECOATEC design, guarantee high turbulence on the heat exchange surface as well as a reduction in the thickness of the boundary layer, improving heat exchange.
  • The agitator is driven by a high efficiency IE3 geared motor, driven from the top of the machine for easy access and maintenance.
  • Oversized heat exchange area. The necessary cooling water can have a temperature of up to 15ºC at the inlet, due to the high efficiency of the machine.
  • The number of cooling stages, each one with its independent cooling circuit, and adjustable temperature, is defined according to the capacity of the machine.

  • Final reheating stage, with independent water circuit, equipped with electrical heater.
  • Each cooling / heating zone of the machine has its own independent water circuit, including a water pump and 3-way modulating control valve for precise temperature adjustment.

  • Internal water circuit made of PP and stainless steel, to avoid corrosion.
  • Constant degree of tempering, even with variations in flow or chocolate inlet temperature, due to the precise PID temperature control of the different cooling / heating stages.

  • The TEMPERULTRA, when it is not in production mode, is in heating mode (usually around 45ºC), keeping all the zones warm, when it is not in production.
  • The machine is electronically protected against overpressures and over torques of the agitator.
  • With HMI touch control screen integrated into the machine itself, for setting the parameters.
  • Generation of tempering curves on the touch screen itself. Optionally downloadable to a PC or SCADA.
  • High proportion of stable beta V crystals, excellent gloss, and long shelf life.
  • Improved thermal resistance of tempered chocolate.
  • Homogeneous distribution of temperatures in the tempering machine and in the chocolate, due to the internal design of both the water recirculation dishes and the heat exchange and mixer dishes.



Want See All Optionals?


  • TEMPERULTRA-FTC. la temperadora puede suministrarse con una primera etapa de calentamiento, para descristalización del chocolate.
  • CHOCOLATE TANK AND PUMPS. Different volumes chocolate tanks totally made of stainless steel. With heating jacket, low speed anchor stirrer, electrical control panel. It can be supplied with chocolate pumps, with heating jacket, and lubricated double seal, hygienic execution.

  • CHOCOLATE DE-SEEDER. The chocolate de-seeder is a shell-multitube type heat exchanger, located in the chocolate return pipe from the point of consumption to the buffer tank, in which the chocolate is heated up to about 45ºC to destroy the unstable crystals before tempering the chocolate again. Maintenance-free.

  • FILTRATION SYSTEMS. It is possible to install chocolate filtration systems, both static, and self-cleaning filters. With double heating jacket.

  • MAGNETIC SEPARATOR. Designed according to chocolate flow. With neodymium magnets protected inside stainless steel tubes. Hygienic design, easily removable. They can be combined with a static filter.

  • VIBRATING SIEVES. For the separation of unwanted particles, typically installed on top of the buffer tank that feeds the tempering machine, in the return of chocolate. It filters the chocolate before feeding the tempering machine TEMPERULTRA.

  • INTEGRATED DECRYSTALIZER (DIS). The integrated decrystallizer (DIS) is integrated into the tempering machine itself, and it is the first stage of the chocolate tempering process, in which it is heated to approx. 45ºC. By incorporating the DIS in the TEMPERULTRA tempering machine, the external chocolate decrystallizer is not necessary.

  • CIP.For an internal cleaning of the chocolate tempering machine TEMPERULTRA, or when a change of chocolate is made, an internal cleaning is necessary. For this, the CIP device consists of a tank with a pump on wheels, with a set of valves and the necessary connection hoses. In this way the cleaning fluid (fat) is recirculated through the tempering machine and reused, producing little waste.

    WATER CHILLER. In case there is no cold-water availability in the factory where the tempering machine TEMPERULTRA is installed, it is possible to supply an external water chiller to feed it, designed according to the cold water / glycol requirements of the installed chocolate tempering machine TEMPERULTRA.


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