The forming rollers line FORMINGPLUS is a completely automatic machine for the production of lentils, spheres, hearts, eggs or other shapes in chocolate, compound or food paste ( sesame paste, peanut paste…) in a continuous way.

It consists of a couple of rollers with the shape of the figures to be produced machined in the surface. The shapes to be produced are customized on each project according to customer´s requirement. The rollers are cooled down by means of glycol recirculation at temperature of -25ºC. Each roller is rotating on opposite sense from the other, and are fed with liquid product, at the outlet of the rollers the cores/figures are already formed in solid state, as consequence of the deep cooling produced on the forming rollers.

It is remarkable the hygienic design, the accessibility for cleaning, and the ease of changing a couple of rollers with another if different figures to be produced is required.

The complete line FORMINGPLUS consists of:

  • FORMINGPLUS, for cores/solid figures Production.
  • KALTENPLUS, cooling tunnel for complete crystallization of the cores/figures coming from the FORMINGPLUS. The cooling tunnel can be single-stage, or multi-stage for space saving in factory.
  • TROMEL, for the separation of the cores from the product layer that keep them together.


From small to big productions, available in widths from 400 mm to 1.200 mm.

Productions from 100 kg/h to 800 kg/h.

It is the ideal solution for continuous and automatic production of figures/cores, made of chocolate, compound or other food paste.

The adjustment of the Forming rollers – FORMINGPLUS is done through the Touch Screen HMI of the machine.

  • Hygienic design, all parts in contact with product are easily accessible.
  • Mechanical manufacturing very robust and machined surfaces for high precision adjustment.
  • Support frame of the forming rollers manufactured in stainless steel AISI304L.
  • Removable coverings in stainless steels and food grade polycarbonate.
  • Material of the forming rollers can be bronze or stainless steel AISI304L.
  • The shape of the cores/figures, is designed according to customer´s requirements, being the most common: lentils, hearts, spheres, eggs…
  • Distance between rollers is adjustable by means of a micrometric device for adjustment of thickness of the product.
  • Angular adjustment of the rollers, for perfect alignment between the 2 forming rollers.
  • Glycol recirculation inside the rollers through an annulus space, achieving a high velocity and turbulence, and consequently a very efficient cooling of the product.
  • Surface temperature of each roller is constant along the whole roller.
  • Electronic protection against overstress of the drive gear motor of the forming rollers.
  • Double jacket product feeding hopper, heated up by means of heating media recirculation. The hopper is liftable by means of pneumatic cylinders for better access and maintenance. Ensures a uniform distribution of product along the forming rollers.
  • Easy and quick replacement of the couple of the rollers, for easy change of production, keeping same support structure, no need of any lifting device is required.
  • Control is done through PLC and operator access to all parameters in Touch Screen (HMI).



  • DRY AIR INJECTION – DAHU. The forming rollers FORMINGPLUS can be equipped with an Air Dryer DAHU, that injects very dry air into the forming rollers chamber to avoid the eventual formation of condensations and ice on the surface of the rollers.
  • GLYCOL CHILLER. In case there is no availability of glycol in factory, FECOATEC can supply an compact unit to generate glycol at -25 deg C, and sized according to process in glycol flow and necessary cooling power. Composed of cooling refrigerant system, buffer tank of glycol, glycol pumps and heat exchanger.
  • CHOCOLATE TEMPERING MACHINE – TEMPERULTRA. In case of production with real chocolate, is necessary to temper the chocolate prior to feed the FORMINGPLUS. For that purpose, FECOATEC supplies a plates vertical tempering machine TEMPERULTRA, for correct tempering of the chocolate. It is a sieve drum completely manufactured in stainless Steel AISI304L, completely panelled with, stainless steel panels with internal insulation of high density polyurethane.
  • TROMEL. Built with 2 concentric cylinders, the inner one is perforated and the external solid, to separate crumbs from the cores. Supported on four free wheels, driven by means of a belt that embraces the drum.With 2 outlets, one for residues and the other for final product.Rotation speed of the TROMEL and slope of the drum is adjustable, to set the time product is inside the TROMEL.
  • CHOCOLATE RECOVERY.  At the residues outlet of the TROMEL, can be installed a melting tank with heating. A product pump is also installed from this tank, and controlled by level, pumps back the melted residues to the buffer tank to feed the FORMINGPLUS. System is completely automatic and residues reused.

Made with fORMINPLUS

Chocolate lentils

Chocolate hearts

Chocolate spheres

Peanut butter lentils

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